Advanced TT

With The Empowered Yogi advanced TT you will have a deep understanding of the key elements to teaching, its philosophy and the many small skills that make you a teacher people are drawn to.


1: Alignment | Anatomy |Assisting


We will explore an in-depth understanding of postural alignment and how body shape and size can impact this. We work from the assumption that each body is unique and offer you a way to see and understand each body in your class. We will give you the tools to help each student understand their unique alignment. We will also improve your ability to unify the class while respecting each student’s experience of their body. With an osteopath we’ll look closely at anatomy to give you a greater insight into your practice and the practice of your students.

Jul 20 -29, 2018

2: Advanced Class Planning | Theming


We explore different class structures and formats, how to apply each, and discover what structure fits most appropriately with your own teaching style. We will offer methods of structuring classes for beginners and advanced yogis. We will also guide you on how to plan out longer classes, such as workshops, continuing education classes, or weekend trainings.  

Nov 23 - Dec 2, 2018

3: Classroom Presence | The Business | Yoga Philosophy 


In this module you will strengthen your ability to motivate and connect with your students with grace and ease. Here we will support you in finding a direct and clear expression of your unique mission as a yoga teacher. We will also look at ways to develop your personal brand and how to market yourself and your programs to studios and students. Lastly, we will explore the yoga philosophy of flow, sacred sound, and mythology. 

Mar 15 - 24, 2019