Find a clearer and more sophisticated expression of your unique voice as a yoga teacher in this advanced yoga teacher training.



Ashtanga Yoga Studio,110-112 Argyle St, Fitzroy VIC 3065 


Module 2: 7am-7pm, November 23rd - December 2nd


Skills & Knowledge

In three modules of 100 hours each, we will guide you through the body, instruction and develop your professional practices which will in turn increase your confidence and intuition. On completion, you will have a deep understanding of the key elements to teaching yoga, its philosophy and the many small skills that make you a teacher people wish to learn from. We can’t wait to meet you and share this journey with you!

  • Major joints of the body

  • Alignment in Asana

  • Holding the room

  • Respectful touch

  • Empowering assists

  • Setting learning objectives

  • Motivating students

  • How to structure classes/courses

  • Peak pose sequences

  • Self discovery for teachers

  • Nada Yoga

  • The Tantrik Goddesses

  • The Spanda Karikas